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Residential Project

LOVA is appointed to this design-and-build project of a 1200SQF semi-detached house for a young couple. Designer recreated the space & turned 4 rooms into a bedroom & a study room to fit homeowner’s needs.

Timber-blade is the key design language in this project. Bringing nature from exterior into interior, it adds visual interest & great visual flow in one language while giving unique features in different zones.

Music practice area is staged up in study room, making it a private theatre for homeowner’s cello performance.

Subtle yet luxurious elements are immersed in the design through the creative use of marble, brass and timber.

LOVA 為一對年輕伴侶的1200 平方英尺半獨立式住宅擔任室內設計及裝修。設計師將4間房打通成1間睡房及1個音樂練習及書房,令空間更符合屋主需要。屋主更喜歡在忙碌的工作生活中營造一種平靜輕鬆的氛圍。

木條子是整個設計中的關鍵語言。在整個房子裡,從內到外,由飯廳到客廳,至書房到睡房,木條子的應用令設計既有一致性,同時在不同區域中,各有特色地增加了視覺趣味和巨大的視覺流動。 花園中木條子牆將自然延伸至室內空間;設計將飯廳內原有的玻璃扶手拆除,利用木條子既是扶手同時成為飯廳特色牆,隱藏樓梯增加美感之餘同時增加私隱度。



Client : 

Private Client

Location :

Hong Kong

Year : 


Scope : 

Interior Design, Project Management, Residential

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We are a boutique branding & experience design agency in Hong Kong formed by a group of enthusiastic designers, architects, brand strategists and marketing specialists.

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From planning and requirements gathering with the client, followed by formulating a strategy and design and ending with development and creation, LOVA strives to achieve our client’s visions and goals. 

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