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Tell your story and
to tell a story that no one else is telling

We are a boutique branding & experience design agency in Hong Kong formed by a group of enthusiastic designers, architects, brand strategists and marketing specialists.
With a passion for the relentless pursuit of ideas, its refinement, and craft of execution, we help our clients to build and transform their brands and
shape every single touch point through strategy formation, smart designs and careful execution.

Interior &
Experience Design

Branding & 

Visual &
Graphic Design

What We Do?

From planning and requirements gathering with the client, followed by formulating a strategy and design and ending with development and creation, LOVA strives to achieve our client’s visions and goals. 

We believe only an integrated approach by uniting brand strategists and design specialists, can deliver relevant customer-centric experiences across every conceivable brand touchpoint.

Our Works
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